Saturday, February 7, 2009

when the parents are away

what I do in the PM...

10:00 L, C, and K head downtown to 22nd to a friend's soiree
10:40 a couple shots later M has his arms around every girl at the party
11:00 smoke break on the terrace, "did you see G and that guy, S is going to be so mad"
11:20 italian discoteque music, mmm...
11:55 L has her eyes set on P
12:20 P is a little occupied with C, who, honestly, needs to shut up already
12:40 I arrives, Chanel bag in one hand, cig and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the other
1:00 pop the cork
1:30 the beat goes on...
1:45 K and G are discussing what they just saw P doing with C
2:00 L and C decide to call it a night, but instead of grabbing a cab, wander up Broadway
2:30 L and C sit on the floor of a deli eating pizza and sipping diet coke through bendy straws
2:45 "C, you didn't do what I heard you did with P, right?"
2: 46 "umm, maybe...oh, come on L, you know you love me"

xoxo, LC

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